By confirming the booking, signing the quote or making payment client agrees to the terms and conditions stated below.




Is required for any hire booking & is calculated on the final charge. This will be refunded upon return of goods as long as goods are in order without breakages or loss or damage to the goods.


Additional charges shall apply if the value of the goods in question is beyond that of the security bond to meet sum of the replacement value of the goods.


Goods broken, lost or damaged by Stylised as part of setup / pack down will not be included in this total.




In the event of a confirmed booking being cancelled, notice in writing must be forwarded to the office. If an event is cancelled within 6 months or less of the event the 50% deposit is forfeited.


Due to the nature of events, Stylised will need to purchase goods in advance, confirm booking and rentals from third parties (including commitments). These costs will passed on even in the event of a cancellation if they surpass the deposit .


Any additional deadline dates and commitments can be outlined for you.




Less than 6 months out                       Loss of 50% non- refundable deposit

Less than 5 months out                       Loss of 65% of quote

Less than 4 months out                       Loss of 70% of quote

Less than 2 month out                        Loss of 75% of Quote

Less than 1 month out                        Loss of all payments to date




Stylised is able to make date changes subject to availability after booking, however these may incur additional fees and charges.


Changes to styling, products and design can be made up to 6 months out, however changes after this time are subject to availability and the discretion of stylised. These may incur additional fees and charges.




Stylised will make an assessment of weather up to a week before your event (or closer to the date).


Stylised may make a reasonable assessment that the event should exercise its wet weather/ adverse weather option (or cancellation) within this period and is based on information at hand and the assessment of risks to staff, facilities, equipment, guest safety and other items.


If a wet weather/ adverse weather option is recommended and is not accepted by the Customer, then the customer shall be fully liable for all damages incurred (both human and product).


In the event that a wet weather/ adverse weather plan needs to be implemented that has not been discussed prior, Stylised will notify the client or contact people/ person listed by the client to let them know of the safety/ damage concern posed and what the Stylised team are doing about it.


Stylised reserves the right to remove/ cancel or dismantle any styling/ products/ hire items which pose a danger or threat to guests/ staff or property without prior notification. Due to the last- minute nature of weather cancellations, no refunds are available as staff, materials, hire items and gear have already been installed/ allocated or processed.


In the event of wet weather/ adverse weather, Stylised will put into action a wet weather/ adverse plan, if this plan requires additional costs (as outlined), then this shall be immediately payable upon agreement that the wet weather option shall be taken.


Due to the nature of events, Stylised will need to purchase goods in advance, confirm bookings and rentals from third parties (including commitments). These costs will passed on even in the event of a wet weather option, change of requirements or cancellation (product or event).


Any additional deadline dates and commitments can be outlined if required.




Regular payments must be made with a minimum 50% deposit due at time of booking. Event is not confirmed until payment has been made.


If event is less than 1 month out full payment is due at time of booking to secure your event booking.


Regular payments are required as per the agreed schedule that will be provided upon request.


Payments can be made via cash if client wishes.


Payments can also be made by Visa, Mastercard or net bank using the account on your invoice.


Full payment must be received 1 month before the event.


Failure to make the final payment or regular payments will result in Stylised to halt services until

such time the payment has been made/ finalized.




All goods hired by client must be returned in full, undamaged & accounted for.


The client who confirmed the booking is responsible for any damaged or missing items. This includes items outsourced by us- whereby charges will be forwarded to you for any missing or damaged goods.


The cost of replacement is calculated on replacement value. If the value is greater than the security deposit a invoice for charges will be issued.